Reintegration Support

  • Following a prolonged absence due to illness or mental health/chemical health care and treatment, a reintegration meeting is recommended. Reintegration meetings allow families and staff to discuss needs, plan for successful integration back into school, and coordinate supports moving forward. All aspects of reintegration will be discussed in this meeting, including needs related to academic work and credits, social or peer related concerns, medical needs, review of any community-based providers, and developing a plan to monitor reintegration success over time. Often, one team member will be assigned as a ‘case coordinator’ for the family, ensuring families and students have a point-of-contact to coordinate support and monitor needs in the school setting. We know that intentional planning for reintegration allows students to thrive upon their return to school. Reintegration planning is confidential and participants are approved with students and families prior to meetings.

    Contact Us

    To schedule a reintegration meeting for your child following prolonged absence, please contact your child’s school. For general information, or to get connected with student support services in a specific building, please contact:

    Lisa Holien
    Student Services Coordinator

    Release of Confidential Information

    If you desire Student Support Services staff to collaborate with community based professionals working with your child, please complete the Release of Information below and return it to school staff or your medical provider.