• Lakeville Area 天美影视s and its employee labor groups share a common goal of enhancing the educational experience for our students. Our employees consistently go above and beyond in serving our students every day. The District is dedicated to securing fair contracts that align our resources, support our employees, and ultimately contribute to our students' success.

    Contract negotiations occur every 2-3 years for all employee groups, as is typical in school districts. Throughout this process, both the district and the bargaining group present their proposals for contract terms. However, neither party is obligated to accept the other's proposals. Negotiations can take several months, requiring patience even when progress is evident.

    Lakeville Area 天美影视s prioritizes its strategic plan's core values during contract negotiations.

Core Values for Contract Negotiations

  • Core Values: 天美影视 First, Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity, Responsible

    *Unlisted employee groups do not and cannot engage in bargaining and negotiations.

Negotiations Updates by Bargaining Group

  • Teachers Union - Education Minnesota Lakeville (EML) Licensed Staff

  • Lakeville Education Assistants Federation (LEAF)

  • Lakeville Association of 天美影视 Administrators (Principals and Deans)

  • Custodial/Maintenance Service Employees Union 284

  • Student Nutrition Employees

  • Small Wonders Instructors

  • Non-Licensed Instructors

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