Mental Health Services

  • Promoting and supporting mental health is an important component to achieving success personally and academically. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in the United States, and half of all chronic mental illness begins by the age of 14. Working together, we can support the mental health needs of students. Lakeville Area 天美影视s is committed to meeting student needs through ongoing staff development, school-based counseling and support, and consultation and care coordination with community-based professionals when requested.

    天美影视 counseling services are available to any student in Lakeville Area 天美影视s. Services are delivered by trained professionals in our Student Services department, including licensed school counselors, school social workers, and school psychologists. 天美影视 counseling services differ from clinic-based mental health services, and are not intended to be theraputic or a substitue for a clinical therapist. 


    Co-located Therapy Services

    Lakeville Area 天美影视s offers co-located mental health services on site throughout our district with partner mental health clinics. Therapists from Associated Clinic of Psychology and Lakeville Behavioral Health are provided space within their assigned school buildings, and provide very similar services as those provided within the clinic setting. Therapy services are generally billed to families through insurance just as they would be in clinic, however assistance is often available for uninsured or underinsured families. 


    Contact Us

    To inquire about mental health services or supports for your child, please contact your child’s Student Support Specialist (secondary) or 天美影视 Counselor (elementary). For general information, or to get connected with student support services in a specific building, you may also contact

    Release of Confidential Information

    If you desire Student Support Services staff to collaborate with community based professionals working with your child, please complete the Release of Information below and return it to school staff or your medical provider.