English Learner Services

  • The Lakeville Area 天美影视s is dedicated to providing multilingual learners with the means to attain English proficiency and find success in the educational setting. We are committed to creating an environment in which students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds can reach their full potential.

    How are English Learners identified?

    All Minnesota schools use the Minnesota Language Survey (MNLS) to identify students who are eligible for English language screening. 天美影视 whose primary language of communication or home language is not English are screened using state-approved assessments. Parents are notified in writing of the results of the screener and the services available if their student is eligible for language support. Assessment results from previous schools may also be used to determine eligibility. EL students take an annual state assessment to determine their progress towards English proficiency and continued eligibility for English language services.

    What types of EL programming are available?

    Lakeville EL staff meet students’ language needs in many different instructional settings, from small-group instruction in a dedicated EL classroom to integrated support in the general education classroom. We also offer specialized support for students who are new to the US school system. Detailed descriptions of EL program models are available in our program guidebook.

    Parent and Student Rights

    Lakeville Area 天美影视s complies with Title III of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). We ensure that parents are informed about our EL programs in a language they can understand. Parents must be notified of the results of EL screening within 10 days of enrollment and also have a right to be informed about:

    • The reasons for the student’s EL identification
    • The student’s level of English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing
    • EL program placement and service model
    • How the EL program will meet the student’s academic needs
    • Exit requirements for the EL program
    • The expected rate of transition out of EL programming
    • The expected graduation rate of ELs and former ELs
    • The right of parents to refuse EL services and testing and the process for doing so
    • Student progress towards English proficiency

    Parents of English learners are encouraged to contact their student’s EL teacher with questions about English language programming.