Attendance Area Adjustments

天美影视 Board Approves Attendance Area Adjustments

  • On Feb. 27, 2024, the Lakeville Area 天美影视s Board of Education approved K-8 attendance area adjustments model D3 after several months of designing updated school boundaries with stakeholder input. The school boundary adjustments are necessary in order to address capacity issues across K-8 schools and to open the District's newest school, Highview Elementary. Boundary adjustments for grades K-8 will take effect beginning in the 2024-25 school year, while high school boundaries remain unchanged.To confirm your student's school assignment for the 2024-25 school year, most families can use the 'Interactive Attendance Area Map Tool' on the District's Map & Attendance Boundaries webpage.


Questions others are asking

  • What is the purpose of attendance area changes?

  • How were the new boundary changes determined and what factors were considered?

  • When will the new boundary adjustment be implemented, and what is the timeline for the changes?

  • What are the new school paths for the 2024-25 school year?

  • What if my house is directly on or under a boundary line on the map? How can I tell what school my student may move to?

  • How will the district support students during the transition?

  • What is the intra-district transfer procedure for the 2024-25 school year?

  • My student is in center-based Special Education. When can I expect to know their school placement?

  • What if my student is currently open enrolled or intra-district transferred, including in Ignite or Impact Academy?

  • Why aren’t 5th and 8th grade students grandfathered in?

  • Can I submit an intra-district transfer application so my student can stay at their current school, even if their attendance area changes during this process?

  • How will Kid Zone child care be affected by the boundary changes?

  • How will transportation be affected by the boundary changes?

  • How will the school district communicate updates and information about boundary changes to parents/guardians, students and the greater school community?

Connecting With Your New 天美影视 Community

  • Lakeville Area 天美影视s is committed to supporting families as they transition to new school communities. We understand that attending a new school may cause some anxiety and stress for many of our students. Watch this video to hear directly from two of our principals about how they plan to welcome you and your students, and ensure students are connected socially and prepared to achieve academic success.


Parent/Caregiver Guide: Successfully Navigating Attendance Boundary Changes

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • During the 2023-24 school year, the District underwent a comprehensive analysis of all K-12 school attendance areas in order to address current and projected enrollment growth across the school district.


    On Feb. 27, 2024, the Lakeville Area 天美影视s Board of Education approved K-8 attendance area adjustments beginning in the 2024-25 school year.


    On November 7, 2023, resident voters of Lakeville Area 天美影视s District 194 approved an operating levy to staff and operate the district’s ninth elementary school, Highview Elementary. Construction of Highview Elementary began in summer 2022 with an opening date of fall 2024. The opening of Highview Elementary will help alleviate overcrowding currently happening in some elementary schools to accommodate the growth the district is experiencing at the elementary level. 


    The goals of adjusting attendance areas in the district are:

    1. Proactively manage anticipated capacity challenges expected at the middle and high schools in the near future 
    2. Mitigate overcrowding concerns at select elementary schools, and address socioeconomic disparities between all elementary schools
    3. Determine which students will attend Highview Elementary, opening fall 2024

Process Overview

  • New attendance area boundaries were developed in collaboration with our school community via a thorough and detailed process led by Teamworks International, a Twin Cities K-12 education consulting group.

    Process Map

  • Planning Phase - Fall 2023

  • Design Phase - Late Fall-Winter 2024

  • Finalize and Implementation Phase - February 2024


  • The Board of Education began discussions about the planning and development process in September in order to be prepared to move forward after the Nov. 7 election outcome was known. Stakeholder input was sought over the winter. Final recommendations and approval of the attendance area plan occurred at the end of February to address operational logistics, including school staffing, student registration, and more.

    Adjustments to the meeting schedule noted below may be made based on the design and input process, as well as additional meetings may be added as needed. 

  • Meeting Schedule and Details

Highview Elementary

  • Highview Elementary 天美影视 is located on 35 acres of land located at in Lakeville. This location was picked based on its road access, utilities infrastructure locations, size of the property, and student enrollment growth.

    The location is just east of King Park, east of Century Middle 天美影视 and south of Cherry View Elementary. There are several new neighborhoods close to the school, including some that are still being actively constructed. 

    Highview Elementary Photo