ECFE Registration

  • Infants 2024

    Registration for classes is first come, first serve. 

    In order to include as many families as possible, please register for only one class per child.  
    Additional class registration will be allowed during the first week of classes if space allows.  

    There are two parts to signing your child up for ECFE:                                      

    1. Registration via Eleyo - includes choosing your classes and submitting your payment method
    2. Enrollment in Lakeville Area 天美影视s - completing an online form with important information for the district

    You must have a family account in Eleyo in order to complete the instructions below. 

  • How to create a family account in Eleyo

  • Registration and Enrollment Instructions

    • Part 1 - Register in Eleyo
      (select your classes and submit your payment information)

      Please allow for approximately 10 minutes to complete the registration. 

      1. Go to the Eleyo Home Page:  and login with your email address and password by selecting the Sign In button (top right).
      2. Open the Explore All Programs drop down menu, and select the class you want from the Enroll In box on the right side. 
      3. On the left in the Attending Child box choose the child who you want to register. 
        • If the child you want to register does not appear, click + Add New Child and fill out their information. When you have completed the information, click Save Child Info. Review the information, and then click  → Looks Good, Start Registering
      4. Bank or credit card information is required to complete your registration. The registration fee will be charged at the time the registration form is submitted.
      5. Confirmation of Registration 
        • You will receive an email from Eleyo confirming your registration. 

      Part 2 - Complete the Lakeville Area 天美影视s enrollment application
      (provide additional required information for the school district)

      1. Go to
        • When it asks you what you are registering for, choose Crystal Lake Early Education Programs
        • Submit your contact information in order to receive an email with a unique link to your enrollment application. 
      2. After you have submitted your information, you will receive an email from with the subject line “Online Enrollment Application for Crystal Lake Education Center.”
        • Please allow for approximately 30 minutes to complete the application. 
        • Gather the following documents and information before you start the enrollment process. 
          • Proof of your child(ren)’s age (ex: birth certificate, passport)
          • Immunization records (you can request this from your child’s medical provider)
        • When you are ready, click the unique link provided in the email to begin the enrollment process
        • You will be able to choose to complete information for just Early Childhood Family Education or to include preschool screening
      3. When you are ready, click the unique link provided in your “Online Enrollment Forms for Crystal Lake Education Center” email. Don’t forget to click submit when you are done with your forms.
      4. When you have submitted your online enrollment forms, you will receive an email from confirming your forms have been submitted. Once your forms have been processed, you will receive a second email confirming your enrollment. 
        • If you also selected early childhood screening your email will provide next steps for scheduling your screening.
  • Worry Free ECFE
    If you find the class is not the right fit for you or your child, simply contact us before the second week of class and you can transfer to another available class or receive a full refund.

  • Additional Information

  • ECFE Sliding Fee Scale